Whether it’s for the health of your car or its resale value, regular maintenance is an unavoidable part of being a car owner. Most manufacturers recommend that you take your vehicle in for a full service every 12 months or 12,000 miles, but it really depends on your car and how you drive it. Some modern cars can go longer between services thanks to better fuel and more resilient lubricants.

Car servicing is not a cheap undertaking, but it will ensure that your car keeps running smoothly and safely for as long as you own it. You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule, which can be found in your car owner’s manual or obtained from a dealership. If you decide to sell your vehicle on then a comprehensive service history will add to its resale value. For more info I’ll suggest you visit the website medical transportation houston tx.

Many people put off having essential car maintenance and minor repairs carried out. This could be because they are busy or because they think that by extending a service interval they will save money. However, the cost of emergency car repair or even engine and transmission failure will likely be much higher than the original service appointment would have been.

When your car is out of warranty, it is still a good idea to stick to the manufacturer’s service schedule. This will help you keep your car in good working order, avoid expensive repairs and maintain its resale value. The system built into new cars to remind you of service requirements should also be followed, as this will usually recommend shortened intervals for certain items.

Unless you are a very skilled and competent mechanic, you should leave any major repairs to a professional car service centre. They have the tools and the expertise to do the job safely and efficiently. Trying to do major car repairs yourself could lead to costly mistakes that can potentially cause serious damage and may even be unsafe.

Some state governments have made it compulsory to get your car inspected each year for safety standards. In some states you can only get your car inspected by certain car professionals or repair shops. If you do not pass the inspection, you will be issued with a ticket that can be very expensive.

If your car is showing signs of wear and tear, it is important to act quickly before it gets worse. Some of these symptoms include unusual noises, smells, leaking fluid and strange vibrations when driving. All of these indicate that the car is in need of a car service or some form of repair work.

You can do some basic car maintenance and touch ups yourself, such as recharging the air conditioning, but for more extensive work you should always contact a professional car mechanic. You should also get a wash and wax treatment to protect your paintwork and to prevent corrosion from road salt in cold climates. This can be done at a car wash or a specialised treatment center.